Dave Mason, Graduate Student Supervision

Potential Graduate Students

If you are interested in graduate studies in Computer Science at Ryerson University (with me as supervisor or not), click here!

Graduate Students currently supervised

Kruti Dave: TBA

Shruthi Padmanabhan: TBA

Matthew Ralston: TBA

Previous Graduate Theses

Alia Shubair: Usage Scenarios for Citizen-Programmers

Irfan Khan: Communicating Computer Science Concepts to Naive Programmers

Simran Nagra: Flow-Based Optimization in OptiJava: a Coagulating Java Compiler

Jasdeep Sangha: Probabilistic Program Execution is a Viable Way to Find Domains from Software

Programming Languages

I am broadly interested in languages and their implementations and tools.

Software Engineering

My primary interest is in SE is software reliability, validation and verification. I'm a strong advocate for Agile development methodologies, and might be interested in methodologies or tools to support them.

Potential Thesis Topics

While I am most interested in my active research areas above, I have broad-ranging interests in computer science, and would consider supervising students in many areas if I felt comfortable with the research area and there was a good fit with the student.

Other topics

You might find something in my undergrad thesis topics that could be expanded to be a reasonable research topic for a grad student.

Your Thesis and Writing a Dissertation

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