Dave Mason, Graduate Student Supervision

Graduate Students currently supervised

Shruthi Padmanabhan: Code Coagulation from Diverse Sources

Daniel Franklin: Universal Export of Smalltalk-developed code to diverse deployment targets

Conor Hoekstra: Functional Smalltalk

Previous Graduate Theses

Shruthi Padmanabhan: Optijava: Code Coagulation from Java .class files

Kruti Dave: Comparison of Block and Flow Languages for Citizen-Programmers

Matthew Ralston: Tail-call Elimination for Open Smalltalk

Alia Shubair: Usage Scenarios for Citizen-Programmers

Irfan Khan: Communicating Computer Science Concepts to Naive Programmers

Simran Nagra: Flow-Based Optimization in OptiJava: a Coagulating Java Compiler

Jasdeep Sangha: Probabilistic Program Execution is a Viable Way to Find Domains from Software

Programming Languages

I am broadly interested in languages and their implementations and tools.

Software Engineering

My primary interest is in SE is software reliability, validation and verification. I'm a strong advocate for Agile development methodologies, and might be interested in methodologies or tools to support them.

Potential Thesis Topics

While I am most interested in my active research areas above, I have broad-ranging interests in computer science, and would consider supervising students in many areas if I felt comfortable with the research area and there was a good fit with the student.

Other topics

You might find something in my undergrad thesis topics that could be expanded to be a reasonable research topic for a grad student.

Your Thesis and Writing a Dissertation

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