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Patrick Lafferty (2014) Static Type Inference for the Kit Environment

Vadim Farafontov (2013) Big Data Visualization for the Kit Environment

Sara Vossoughi (2011) Java Compiler Comparison

Kelda Sholdice (2010) Probable Execution

Talha Syed (2009) Design and Implementation of Domain Specific Languages

Nick Lewycky (2008) Checker: A Static Program Checker for LLVM

Anca Barbuc, Mike Rocha & Chris Landry (2006) K12 Course Management and Testing Web Application

Dennis Chung, Claire Miranda, Cristina Ribeiro, Andrew Stevenson (2005) Platform Independent Applications Using Mozilla

Dinesh Kataria: (2003) Sandbox Runner

Vanessa Busch: (2002) Remotely loading libraries for OCaml

During this period I was on sabbatical and leave finishing up my Ph.D. and did not take on any new students.

Suzana Neves: (2000) Resources for Women in Computer Science

Joe Coleman: (2000) TCP/IP for FunOS

Bob Hayward: (2000) Optimization Algorithms for 3D Graphics

Cynick Young: (2000)

Michael Clark: (2000) 3D Graphics Engine Programming with OpenGL.

Alec Ho (2000) Refactoring Tools for Emacs

Hanaa Barakat & Carla Pires: (1999) Web-based Course Support Environment.

May Fan: (1999) Exploration of Software Reliability Composition with the Example of a Web Browser.

Bill Theocharoulas: (1999) Virtual Stage Design for Theatres.

Delroy Barrett: (1998) HTTP Server in Java

John Masih: (1998) Scheme Window Manager

Renata Rubinsztajn: (1998) Visual Programming Languages

Kalanithi Veluppillai: (1998) FTP Server in Java

Greg Woodruff: (1998) Distributed Editing of Concurrent Streams

Kamil Bukala (????) Distributed System Administration/Support with VNC.

Martin Little (????) Web-based Software Maintenance Support Environment.

Matthew Hutchison (????) Theatre Design Software.

Dave Nomura (????) Building a simple Scheme Environment for First Year

Eric Sellers: (1997) A web crawler.

Michael Lai, Aman Gill & Asokan Gunanathan: (1997) Developing Free Word processor in C and ML.

Maria Ralph: (1997) Graphical Game/Puzzle.

Adam Broniek: (1997) Data Mining

Annabel Lobo: (1996) Experimental implementation of Unix Utilities in SML.

Andrew Arcand: (1996) A graphical demonstration of the N-Body Problem.

Andrew John-Chuan: (1996) A graphical simulation of communicating processes.

Maria Viola & Tina Ji: (1996) A compiler front-end for Modula-3.

Kgmotso Sima & Kwabina Griffith: (1995) A database for tracking Foreign Student Scholarships.

Rim Ramanauskas: (1995) Machine Independent ANSI C Compiler.

Tony Gougeon: (1995) Duct System Design.

Philip Vero: (1995) Part-Time Pool Scheduling Project.

Ricardo Clements: (1994) Analysis of Hardware Implications for Operating Systems.

Deane Brown: (1994) Application Integration in the Development of an Environmental Database for Weston Foods.

During this period I was doing the residency for my Ph.D. and did not take on any new students.

Richard Jules & Sal Magnone: (1991) DBrs: A Menu-driven Debugger for UNIX.

Gary Switzer: (1991) Creation of a Facsimile Application Program.

Andy Fung: (1991) Developing a Support Environment for the Motorola 6809 Computer.

Kevin Morwood: (1991) Literate Programming Tools.

Sandra Deschamp, Tony Ponzo, Tony Lai & Peter Ferrier: (1990) RPIX: A Unix Kernel Clone.

Richard Jacka: (1990) Exercise Bicycle Hardware/Software Interface.

Carsten Harbrink: (1990) RyScript: A Postscript Language Interpreter.

Zulfikar Gulamhusein: (1990) A Gujarti Language Wordprocessor.

Stephen Jonker: (1990) Unix Pseudo TTY Device Driver and Window Program.

Giulio Montemurro & Jerry Vitiello: (1990) Venture 68000: A Video Game Odyssey.

John Palmer: (1989) THEL: The Language.

Dan Tieche & Sukhinder Toor: (1989) A Bus Device Driver.

Van Bui: (1989) A Graphic System for Teaching Young Children.

Dan Maloney: (1989) The EUCHRE System: Terminal Concentrator Hardware.

Tim Donahue & Erwin Lerch: (1988) IBM Terminal Concentrator Software.

Jeff Page: (1988) Experiment World: An expert system designed to simulate a physics experiment.

Peter Weymouth: (1987) An Extended Small-C Compiler for the IBM Series/1.

Stephen Smith & Ralph Blauel: (1987) The Design and Implementation of a Pseudo Disk Server.

Brian Pugh: (1987) Installation of a Floppy Disk Driver and Controller.

Robert Hickman: (1987) Manual on the Installation Problems between Berkeley Unix and Unix System V.

Luis Navarro: (1987) Natural Language Processing in Prolog.

Paul Poloz: (????) Utility Package for the IBM PC.

Guy Cervi: (????) The Language L: A Compiler.

Robert Brodie & Peter O'Donnell: (1986) A Thesis in Artificial Intelligence.

Joe Moore & Ranko: (1986) ???.

Bill Bartolotta, Mike Dix, Greg Lean, Mike Leclair & Gus Tsiampouris: (1985) C Compiler.

Peter Denhoed: (1984) Satellite Image Processing System.

and a few more I haven't yet had time to put in here...