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Directory of /debian/dists/potato/main/binary-alpha/web
Documentation Library
ML'94 (INRIA site)
Directory of /INRIA/Projects/cristal/Xavier.Leroy/benchmarks
Directory of /pub/Linux/X11/fonts
Topic: lang/scheme/code/parsing/
Package: lang/scheme/code/parsing/taurus/
ACST - Commercialization of University Research Panel
Mgetty + Sendfax Documentation Centre
AltaVista: Advanced Query single-ended near converter near differential-SCSI
LookSmart - World-Travel
AvantGo, Inc.
EGCS search
Computer Society Digital Library
Computer Literacy - Online bookstore
Cornell College: VRoma Builders Workshop
CRA Committee on the Status of Women in Computer Science and Engineering
Untitled Document
Teaching Evaluation Report
Flavouring the World. The FAQ about Spices
Pointer Fun Video
Unix Programming Tools
The Canadian Technology Network (CTN) / Le Reseau canadien de technologie (RCT)
The Canadian Technology Network: Now you're really connected!
TeleCampus Online Course Database ( TOC )
Virtual Reality for Education
CERTIFICATES - NBCC Miramichi - Distributed Learning Centre
Dynamo Conference
Electronic Commerce Task Force - Net Access and Availability
egcs project home page
Pipermail Archive
Software Engineering Education
Welcome to AskERIC
Software Engineering Education
Sympatico Forums - Service Bulletins
Interactive Chemistry
Pete's Book of Sand
The Up-Wing Home Page.
The Technology Source
The Technology Source
HP Search Results
Nutritional Analysis of Kamut Grain
IntraStore Server 98 -
About ITForum
Communications and Information Technology Ontario (CITO)
Untitled Document
Country Studies: Area Handbook Series (Library of Congress / Federal Research Division)
OpenScheme - Scheme programming environment Mailing Lists
Advanced Programming Languages
Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate
The PDP-11 Unix Preservation Society The Free UNIX project: Security
NetMechanic: Online Link Testing, HTML Validation
( freshmeat ) - ( additional information )
New Traditions Home Page
the NODE: networking october 1998
the NODE: tfl -- multimedia online: pimer
Virtual Companion
Mr.C's MUVE Links
International Conference on Functional Programming 1999: Information
Norman Frydrych - Settlement Agreement
Sacred Heart Studio
Intel Developer Search Results
The Squeak Archive at UIUC
Contents of Shopping Basket
Ed Sites
HRD 513: Instructional Development for Internet/Intranet Delivery
ÁNOQ of the Sun - homepage
ASTRO - Association of Summer Theatres 'Round Ontario
Manal El-Tigi's Collection of research papers and surveys on Website Evaluations
Web66: International School Web Registry
Web Review - The JavaScript Pop-up Window Primer
Matt's Script Archive
ICDL Distance Education Library
Scsh Frequently Asked Questions - Table of Contents
Welcome to Your DSL and Broadband Resource Center
Ron Green: multimedia and training Pty Ltd
Toronto Webgrrls Women on the Web
Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
WebNet 99 Call For Participation, World Conference on the WWW and Internet
WebNet 99 Proposal Submission Information
ACM Classic of the Month
Ryerson Registrar's Office WEB Services
MIT AI Lab: Publications bibliography index
Online Course Delivery Applications
About Alpha Processor, Inc.
Web promotion sales marketing and website design
The Alt.Polyamory Cultural FAQ
The Future of Online Learning by Stephen Downes
MUD Resource Guide
Language Study
J Han's J Random Homepage
Blackboard: Web-based online course delivery
Welcome to the "Bochs Software Company" Home Page
PHYS 110 Introductory Astronomy (Spring 1999)
The Columbia Guide to Online Style
Walker/ACW Style Sheet (Columbia Online Style)
CAST - Center for Applied Special Technology
Scheme benchmarks
Mgetty+Sendfax with Vgetty Extensions (FAQ)
The EROS Operating System
SDCR Working Group on Software Engineering and Programming Languages
City of Toronto
Page d'accueil du CMEC Home Page
CMEC: Postsecondary Sector / Secteur postsecondaire
ICSM '99 Home Page
Cobalt Networks, Inc. - Home
GrammaTech Home Page
The LUCID Framework
OUCL Archive Service
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: The Z notation
CommonPlaces - Tools for Colleges
The Computer Geeks Hardware Discount Outlet
Cornfed Systems Inc
Welcome To CPU Micromart!
Java Regular Expressions
The alto Project Home Page: Link-time Code Optimization
Resources for Programming Language Research
Chris Okasaki's Publications
Scheme code for language implementation
Robin W. Dawes
International Conference on Functional Programming 1998: Information
HCIL West Group Demos
WestLaw Case Explorer
University of Maryland, Human-Computer Interaction Lab
Welcome to SIGCSE '99!
NJ Machine-Code Toolkit
Parsing Techniques - A Practical Guide
On August 21 I broadcast a request on this topic
Mathematical Sciences at Weizmann
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
The Java Programming Language
Formal And Precise Patterns Representation Languages Page
Centre for Software Reliability at City University
California State University, Hayward
C2T2 Educational Technology Home
egcs mailing list archives: Tail recursion optimization improvement
ISAAC Group Home Page
DealFinder : Computers
GNU Documentation job search engine
Ghost Sites [October 26, 1998]
CSERGI, Computer Science Education Research Groups International
E-Cards - Cool, Free Greeting Cards, Birthday Cards, Virtual Bouquets, Postcards
E-Card: from Beth Doucette
web-based course software and online courses at e-education
On the Issues: Features & Shorts
Wet Blankets Throughout History
Office of Management
Table of Contents
Charlie Clarke's Home Page - Home
Archives of the Mgetty/Vgetty Mailing List
ERIC Clearinghouse On Higher Education
Processor Upgrading FAQ: Processor Upgrades
Socrates Academic Site System:
Welcome to ExpertCentral
Weblint Error Report -
FATFREE: The Low Fat Vegetarian Archive - Canadian Alternative Daily
[fm] Xfstt
GNU's Bulletin, vol. 1 no. 18 - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
29th International Fault-Tolerant Computing Symposium
[ The Sunny Spot ] WPP - The Web Preprocessor
Geodesic Systems | Great Circle
get educated! Home Page
geteducated: Virtual University Gazette
Ghost Web of the International Ghost Hunters Society and Ghost Hunters Gallery
LEONARDO Project - Access to Vocational Guidance
Ministry of Community and Social Services
Greenspiration! Home
Greyhound Bus Schedule Results
New Page 1
CLIM 2.0 User's Guide
The Memory Management Reference
FC Software Inc.
The linker book
Private E-Mail Page
JavaClass API
Toronto's Other Movies
Toronto SPIN
Second Workshop on Compiler Support for System Software (WCSSS)
GNU Robots - program a little robot
Video/Data Projectors
Journal: Dave Mason
Reference Objects
JOS - A Free Java based Operating System
Cost Estimating - Resources
300,000 baby names
Welcome to the Kaffe homepage
Kernel Traffic
Mgetty + Sendfax Documentation Centre
The Equality Project's Members' Choice Award
Maps and Cartography
AXP-List Archive
Self-Assessment/Help Page
Five criteria for evaluating Web pages
UCLA College Library Instruction: Thinking Critically about WWW Resources
Links2Go: Calvin's Palmpilot FAQ - Main Page
Loebner Prize Home Page
Maclean's Universities - Measuring Excellence
Departmental Information - Java Games and Puzzles
UML - My Notes
MU Syllabus Snippets for the Wired Instructor
D.Moore - 7 Years Professional and Personal OS R&D Experience
Myricom Home Page
USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 12
Home @
Kali Scheme
NEC Research Institute Staff
Web 101 Main Page
Hot Potatoes Tutorial
NetDynamics: Enterprise Network Application Platform
Next Nutrition
Zone Perfect Bars
Citing Electronic Sources: A Bibliography
LTReport (April1999): The Laptop College
NOW On / Toronto Food Fare
ImPress - Home Page
NuvoMedia, Inc.
NYU ACF Multilingual Web
UML Reference
mgetty/vgetty modem database
Object Management Group Home Page
Ontario Liberal Party - Candidates
United States Open University
Open Projects Network - Welcome.
The Open Source Definition
Opera Software - Bringing speed and fun back into Internet browsing
damn "the man" books
Grammar Writer's Workbench for Lexical Functional Grammar
Application Instructions [Canada]
PEAK QuestWriter
Papa Joe's Dweebspeak Primer
Welcome To
Poetic Technologies: Aura
Free Web Polls
PB Home Page
The Object
RAND Publications
RealProducer Plus G2
Science Foods Online
Welcome to reBOOT Canada!
Office of Research Services - Ryerson Polytechnic University
EASI Equal Access to Software and Information
About Rpmfind.Net WWW Server a.k.a. Rufus.W3.Org
Salon Magazine
Salon | 21st: Apache's free-software warriors
Salon 21st | Just the facts, RAM
Salon 21st | The saint of free software
Salon 21st | Internet U.
Salon Ivory Tower | Going adjunct
Marking for CPS109/F97 - Dave Mason
Evaluating Web Resources
WWW RFC Server
UK Sensitive Map - Universities - Version 5
SCO Products
"Plan Ahead": Online magazine of the Society for College and University Planning
Porter's Workshop
Application - School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto
Shaw Festival Theatre Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
SiteInspector - Check your site's HTML
NC project ran afoul of Gates, execs say (9/10/1998)
SkyNet Computer Systems Inc. - Home Page
Welcome To SoftBook Press!
Software in the Public Interest, Inc.
Software Patent Institute
Spotfire AB
President's Message
Index of /~tjg/rc/beta
Multia Accessories
Stratford Festival
The ICQ Protocol Site
Guide to Web Style: Welcome
Sunday & Associates, Inc - Technical Recruiting, Consulting and Searches
Guide to the SWEBOK
Systems Internals
Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids
TeleLearning-NCE / RCE-Télé-apprentissage
Tetranet Software
The Hunger Site Home - Donate Food for Free
THE REGISTER - Flight Tracking, Arrival and Departure Times
Every disclaimer in the book, I guess.
October Integration Magazine
Evaluating Quality on the Net
TransVirtual Technologies, Inc.
PalmPilot Add Ons
News 3 2/20/96
TSEPM - Journal focused on process, project and risk management
University of California Servers
University of California Servers
Welcome to ULEAD
webcourse\testing on the web\testing
WWWDEV Listserv Home Page
The UNIX versus NT Organization
Fulbright Foundation (Canada) Home Page - US Embassy Web Site
USENIX - 4th Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI 2000)
Welcome to the University of Windsor
Festival Cinema
Monitor Gamma
Wade's Pilot Programming FAQ
Road Warrior Outpost
A List of Nominated Candidates for the Ontario NDP, 1998
WebNet Journal: Internet Technologies, Applications & Issues
The Willcam Group - Compact Index of HTML Tags
e_Chat Web Chat Script
Wright Technologies Home Page
DDJ Microprocessor Center
Mike Borella
Yahoo! HTML:Validation and Checkers
Vgetty Documentation Center
VSTa Home Page
VADD - Overview
Educational Technology & Society (ISSN 1436-4522)
Cindy Bilger's Home Page
Infinity Online Home Page
Monique Buzzarté's Home Page
DJGPP Beta Programs
text: Installation
SEL-HPC Compilers & Interpreters Archive
MultiText NetSearch: (new search)
16th Annual 1996 Rochester Forth Conference
Artists on the CME
Picons Archive
Don Sannella's list of interesting WWW pages
Book: Practical Reusable UNIX Software
The Tunes project
DejaNews Research Service - homepage
John Chao's EE Page
Publishing Information on the World Wide Web
AQC: Foundations of Quality Management
416 area code
USENIX 1997 Annual Technical Conference
Database Systems & Logic Programming
Database Systems & Logic Programming
HORB Home Page
Dave's Circus of Dysfunction
Multics Papers Online
U Teesside: School of Computing & Mathematics
Larry McVoy's lame home page
The DDLI Page
Multics Papers Online
Second International Summerschool on Advanced Functional Programming
The Ivy Home Page
Information Express ("I.E.") ISDN Page
Free Center
Scott Pakin's automatic complaint-letter generator
WebFlyer - The Web's Frequent Flyer Authority
Out of Their Minds : The Lives and Discoveries of 15 Great Computer Scientists
Lives in Computing
Remarkable New Tire Sealant Prevents Accidents.
MySQL by T.c.X. DataKonsultAB
mysql Documentation Home Page
MySQL by TcX DataKonsult AB
Internet Classroom Assistant - Home - Test Dmason
P. G. Wodehouse Appreciation Page
Multimedia Lab
Full Story
Site Map for "Why I Am Not a Christian"
Religious Humor
FTM : Archive : LLDEF: December 3, 1996
Blessed be and welcome to The Witches' Voice - Clearwater, Florida
Varsity News -- Wired world has designs on ivory tower
Paul De Bra
UNCONVENTIONAL WISDOM: New facts and hot stats from the social sciences
Welcome to I, Cringely
GNU Network Object Model Environment
CCH Canadian Limited Home Page
Directory of /pub
The Festival Speech Synthesis System
Zen Buddhism Welcome Page
Webring - The Shape of Things to Come
MW3: FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions
1-800-FLORALS - Virtual Flowers & Gifts
Virtual Flower Bouquet
InterQuest Home
CACM Letter opposing APCS Change
Archives - Intranet Explorer
Katedralskolan i Uppsala - Documentation of student computersystem
Flash Mountain - Flashing at Disneyland's Splash Mountain
Welcome to Xi Graphics, Inc.
Books: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Home Page
Some Of The Things That Make Me Go Hmmm...
Making Good Decisions
Computing and Information Science Department
IMAT Web Publishers SIG
Darius Bacon
Welcome to Sun Microelectronics
comp.unix.admin FAQ
mbanx - Canada
Welcome to Fonorola
The Convergence Magazine
Computers & Education
There is not Title yet
Control Systems Demo Module
Body-Mind QueenDom
NATS: Network Operations Notes and Procedures
TCMN: Registration Page
Willows Software TWIN API
Home Page
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Software:Internet:World Wide Web:Browsers
About This Book
Great Canadian Scientists
The Heritage Project / Le projet Reflets du patrimoine de la Fondation CRB
Reserve Your Name Now!
4 Freedoms' Relationships Workshops
Eric's Random Writings 000607linuxbug
Zero Gravity Internet Group, Inc.
Herman Miller
BatelNet, the Bahamas Internet solutions provider
Bahamas On-line - webCAM
Geoff Hinton - Training Products of Experts by Maximizing Contrastive Divergence
HM Domain Registry
Vernor Vinge: The Singularity
Google Search: real-world postgresql
[fm] isql-viewer
Logic Computer House
Contentville - Dissertations
Freedom - Internet Privacy & Security Software | Freedom for Linux
Toronto Linux User Group
SIGNA Computer Systems Inc.
ThinkGeek :: Stuff for Smart Masses
HumanScale - Ergonomic Products and Ergo Computer Accessories
Kemosabe's Font Source
Add active bookmarks to your browser
Index of /mirrors/kde
View Reservations
The 2001 ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest
Intro to HTMX
nDVI manual
HyperTeX FAQ
Tom's Hardware Guide
Palm Pilots, digital cameras, mp3, &more at volume discounts: MobShop Network (sm)
RDAStudio presents -Tales of Irth- Episode 1: The Insult
The FreeVeracity Data Integrity Tool
Jane Siberry's SHEEBA Records. Oasis.
Virtual-World - Search Engines
MyPlaceWare Web Conferencing Special Offer
Mainsoft: Windows on UNIX with MainWin
Tucows Linux: PostgreSQL-HOWTO Mobile Messaging
ShopIBM - IBM ViaVoice Dictation for Linux - Internet - Browsers - Indie Browsers
Death of the Websafe Color Palette? - Rich Prospects
Emacs JDE
Wild Woman's Web World
Linux on the Sony PCG-C1XS (Picturebook) laptop
FastCGI Home
JEP: The Ideology of Ease
mirror listing | download | kernel-headers-2.2.16-3 ftp sites
h2g2 - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
2C Press Release - September 26,2000
Reader's Digest Canada - Greeting Cards
The SECRET Guide to Computers
JSPTest - testing JSPs using JUNIT
NetBSD/alpha Multia Frequently Asked questions.
DEC UDB Information
New Scientist: The last computer - Your home for JavaScript and Dynamic HTML on the Web.
NewsForge: Open Source News
ZDNet: Inter@ctive Week: Groupware: Going Mobile / OpenFax
SALON Features: David Foster Wallace - Fujitsu Loox-S - 2.2lb Subnote with new Crusoe Chip
DevEdge Online - Tools Software
Reusable UI Components for HTML
Plugger 3.2
CFXweb - Demo and Game Development: Java Applets Section
Microsoft Linux - the premier linux distro
osOpinion: Tech Opinion commentary for the people, by the people.
Welcome to RHI Management Resources
Goodbye, Shrink-Wrap: Software for Rent
Alexa Internet
E-Commerce Times: Breaking News
Transitioning from LAYER, document.layers[], and document.all to W3C Standards
Center for Women & Information Technology
Winners of the I look like my dog contest
IT World Canada - Canada?s Information Technology Resource
Parties play it big on Web The Toronto Star - Updates News STORY
stating the obvious :: hacking the city
stating the obvious
All Linux Devices - COMDEX Notes, Part One: Hands on with Linux Handhelds
The Beginners Linux Guide @ ILUG: Setting up a wheelmouse
JTidy / Main page
SourceForge: Project Info - JTidy
SourceForge: Project Info - httpunit
Welcome to 724 Solutions
PanComp - Professional Linux Systems Toronto
Index of /bstats - The Complete Traveler
The JavaScript Source: Navigation Scripts
BrowserWatch Home Page
Open Market: The Internet Index Home Page - Global Statistics
JZ Presents - Ask Doctor Web: Help for Webmakers
1X - a compact ActiveX net browser
Marketing Manager's Plain English Internet Glossary
Smart Computing-Editorial - A Canadian website with Canadian retailers at Canadian prices.
Favorite B&B Inn Recipes
Arielle's Recipe Archives: Pumpkin 02
KDE League Home
Dell OptiPlex GXa (grey) BJNSC
Dell Dimension XPS Dxxx Systems (cootie&mage) C87PK C0QBJ - Bite-sized Entertainment
CBC.CA - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - Frontpage
.// Dulux DVD
CiteSeer: Autonomous Citation Indexing [Steve Lawrence, Lee Giles, Kurt Bollacker, NEC Research Institute]
MAF Fitness Newsletter Archive
Persistence layer
AmbySoft Home Page
Linux Printing
Mission Possible
The Legacy Center - Curriculum
StatMarket - accurate internet statistics and user trends in real time. - A WebSideStory Production
ICQ Inc. - Dave Mason's Personal ICQ Communication Center
Masq Applications
Public SGML/XML Software
Desperate Date...Personals, Singles and Dating!

New at ryerson... - Domain Name Registration Services
Grokking the GIMP
Ming - an SWF output library and PHP module
probability theory -
Integral Calculus Welcome
PostgreSQL JDBC Driver
Moscow ML Home Page
[Plug-list] The Adomo home
Webmonkey | programming : javascript - www: notes/hello - www: notes/hello - jslib: fileutils
RJ - 45 wiring standard - www: index
O'Reilly Network: Mozilla DevCenter
Document Object Model (Core) Level 1
getting started with mozilla ui hacking
Introduction to XUL
XUL Coding Style Guidelines
RPM resource libstdc++
AltaVista Translations
Mozilla XUL and Script Reference
Xul Tutorials -
Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines (HI Guide)
Advanced Programming Language Design
Probability Distributions and Random Variables
Car-O-Scope Not Ready Yet!
Car-O-Scope Not Ready Yet!
Probability Distributions and Random Variables
An Introduction to Microsoft HailStorm
William Kahan
Curl Corporation - Technical Documentation
Sharky Extreme

New at tmsoftware...

Untitled Document
SatireWire |
Linux PR: New Beta KDE Release for Linux Desktop Ships
Mason HQ: Features
Mason HQ: Home
CAML Mailing List Archives
Linux features
Grove Music
Tom's Hardware Guide
Intel announces CMOS breakthrough
Slashdot | Are Expensive RDBM Systems Worth The Money?
Welcome to Network Associates
The Objective-Caml system, release 3.01
Green Earth Organics - Fresh Organic Food Delivery | Toronto & Surroundings Call (416) 285-5300 Green Earth Organics, Organic, Organics, Vancouver, British Columbia, BC, B.C., Toronto, Otario, ON., Organic Food, Organic Food Delivery, Food Delivery, Fruits, Vegetables, Health, Pesticides, Ecofarming, Ecology, Sustainable Farming, Home Delivery. Nexus Group
Single list of HOWTOs
Boot + Root + Raid + Lilo : Software Raid HOWTO
3ware - Welcome!
Sys Admin Magazine Online
tomsrtbt home page
Intel® Architecture Optimization Reference Manual
IE 5.0 Review, Part V: HTML Applications (HTAs) -
The Prime Pages (prime number research, records and resources)
A Century of Controversy Over the Foundations of Mathematics
Welcome to Swords Online - Entrance Page
Welcome to
Probability Distribution Functions
The Math Forum - Math Library - PDE - Interview: Gavriel State, CEO of Transgaming Technologies
Microsoft Linux - the premier linux distro
eCompany Now - Reinventing Business
infoSync : entries

New at swurv...

The Freeciv Website - News - Entertainment & Media - Linux to star on silver screen
The Great Computer Language Shootout
Stephen's Guide to the Logical Fallacies - by Stephen Downes
Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers - the embedded Linux portal: Links > View > Full text
JavaScript Runtime
Extending Mozilla Or How To Do The Impossible
Daily News - MozillaZine! Your Source for Mozilla News and Advocacy
Knowledge@Wharton -
Knowledge@Wharton -
Jargon File Resources
July 9, 2000 - HTC-Master Focus/Blur Events
Corporate Yahoo - Product
Creating a .htpasswd entry
Top-10 New Mistakes of Web Design (Alertbox May 1999)
Interface Hall of Shame - Controls
Interface Hall of Shame - Win95 File Dialogs
Interface Hall of Shame - Win95 File Dialogs
Drag and Drop with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5
JavaScript Examples - Free Javascripts and JavaScript Forums
dataTransfer Object
Orchard: Source and Documentation
Roll your own browser
MSDN Online Search
WikiPedia: HomePage
FlightLinux - Open Source Linux Operating System for onboard spacecraft use
NEC Electronics Inc.
Brad LaRonde's Linux-MIPS Pages

Dave Mason


Yahoo! Personals Raleigh/Durham
People2People - davemason
Find my mate - dmason
Relationships - dmason
onMatch - dmason
MatchClick - dmason


Anne's homepage
B*E*S*T Doula and HypnoBirthing Service
Catherine Dibble
elicia's page
Jennie Dailey-O'Cain's Home Page

Dave Mason
CPS040: Thesis
Programming Game
Dave Mason: Calendar
Dave Mason: Personal
visitalk commCenter



External: Stories


External: Reset

Colours for Skinset plain
External: /images
WAP, Europe's Wireless Dud? (
eValid: Product Download Page
Users comments about Caml
My View: X Internet
Internet-based customer referral system (US6029141)
Method and system for placing a purchase order via a communications network (US5960411)
Pretty Strange Patents -- A Tribute to Strange, Wacky and Unusual Patents From Around the World
Ask Tim -- Software Patents Issue
Delphion Intellectual Property Network
VIC 20 WAP Client
NeTraverse - Bridging Windows to Linux - Run Windows 95 or Windows 98 on the Linux operating system


Method and system for placing a purchase order via a communications network (US5960411)
Internet-based customer referral system (US6029141)
Delphion Intellectual Property Network
Ask Tim -- Software Patents Issue
CIPO - Canadian Patent Database - Details - 2081140
CIPO - Canadian Patent Database - Details - 2244809
United States Patent and Trademark Office Home Page


The Home of
VIC 20 WAP Client
Users comments about Caml
eValid: Product Download Page
WAP, Europe's Wireless Dud? (
LiViD - The Linux Video Project
Bluefish HTML editor - Home
Stephen Downes - Threads - A Web-Based WYSIWYG Text Editor
IAL - Manageability: Common Data Security Architecture
Apache Today - Apache in a Wireless World
NetMaster Networking Solutions, Inc. | Firewall and VPN Software
IBM slowly opens up
Welcome to VMware, Inc.
MySQL | Information | Comparision
Why Not MySQL?
Daemon News 199907 : The History of PostgreSQL Development
The Benchmark Handbook
Giving Linux Enterprise Strength - Abstract
InterBase: the OPEN source database
Linuxcare Labs eTest
Apache Today - PR: Postgres Routs Competition in New Benchmark Tests
Welcome to the TPC Main Page!
Great Bridge
PostgreSQL Inc - Main Page
VA Linux Systems: The FullOn 2x2 Home Page
ZDNet: Story: The Next Microsoft Will Be Built on? Synchronization?!?
Apache Today - PR: Postgres Routs Competition in New Benchmark Tests
PHP and emacs
PHP Base Library: Mailing List - The Resource For PHP Developers - The Pioneer in Outsourced Web Servers
CallWave -- Free Internet Call Waiting
the Home Page
Toronto Cypherpunks & PGP Home Page
W* Effect Considered Harmful
WAP Is A Trap -- Reject WAP
Hummingbird - White Papers - The X Window System And Broadway
O'Reilly XBooks FTP
Look Back to the Future...It's Magic!-Winning Business Ogg Vorbis
FC Software Inc.
The Data Compression Library
Compression Pointers
Practical Huffman Coding
SRP: The Open-Source Password Authentication Standard
GCJ - Home Page
OpenH323 Project
LinuxTel.Com (Voice/Video over IP Solutions for Linux)
VNC - Virtual Network Computing
QSeeMe 0.83b - communication with vision
OMNIS Software - Rapid Application Development Tools for Linux, Windows, and MacOS
06.18.98 Compression put images on a diet
USC B.3. Image Compression
QSeeMe 0.83b
Crusoe - a new world of mobility from Transmeta
LinuxTel.Com (Voice/Video over IP Solutions for Linux)
Insignia Solutions | About Us
Tarantella web-enabling software -- deploy and manage Windows, mainframe and UNIX applications
GraphOn Corporation
Citrix Systems, Inc.
Netscape 6 PR 1
Fortify for Netscape - SSL Encryption Check
3Crypt - Free encrypting and decrypting E-mail service
Counterpane Internet Security, Inc.
Jason's Plug-in links
Mozilla Plug-in API Guide
Plug-in Guide
OpenSSL: toolkit for SSL/TLS
Blocks eXtensible eXchange Protocol
WAP Forum
ZD: Cell Phone Will Rule Your Life
ZD: Symbian color PDA-phone


5119 Rack Mount uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
The Dell Online Store: Build Your System
VA Linux Systems: 2x2 Specs
VA Linux Systems - 2x2
VA Linux Systems - 1000
VA Linux Systems: 1000 Specs


Astound Incorporated: Web Conferencing and Meeting Solutions
Welcome to BrightPlanet - An Internet Content Company
Inetcam - streaming video and webcam solutions
Welcome to 724 Solutions
Welcome to
[fm] netpliance: an inside look
TalkSender - The fastest and easiest voice messenger
Story: Is IBM Trying to Kill the PC? Sees NetVista as Lifeline to Post-PC Era
Cyrus InterSoft, Inc.
Tribal Voice, makers of PowWow
My Netscape
Welcome to My Yahoo! - Get everyone on the same page. - Your free, private family web site.Its quick, easy and free.
Circles - concierge services and convenience services pioneer
Log In to
Welcome to
iAmaze, Inc.
NEOPLANET - Your Internet Desktop
Speech Technology Group
ZD: Gates demos Microsoft MiPad


ReignYourDomain | International
CIRA - Canadian Internet Registration Authority
IBM Intellectual Property Network
The GIF Controversy: A Software Developer's Perspective
Apple Public Source
Approved Licenses
The Open Source Page
List of Licenses - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Philosophy of the GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Intellectual Property Owners Association
Swurv NDA

Strategic Alliances

Netstar Solutions Inc. - B2B eCommerce and IBM Websphere solutions provider
Zero-Knowledge Systems | Home of Freedom, The Internet Privacy Software
OmniSky Corporation
Persona: An Infomediary Offering Consumer Privacy Protection
Search Results for '"pdQ smartphone"', Resources for Creative Professionals
Internet2 and Counting - ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY - WebBusiness Magazine September 1, 1999
E Ink -- Store
DEMO 2000 | About - Home Page - News - Communications - Service providers to spend $1 billion on technology in 2000
Thin Planet Thin Client Partners - Manufacturers
The ASP Industry Consortium
Oxford English Dictionary
PowerTV-Redefining TV for the age of interactivity
Brightmail Inc. - Technology Market
Charmed Technology - Home Page

My View: X Internet
Pretty Strange Patents -- A Tribute to Strange, Wacky and Unusual Patents From Around the World
NeTraverse - Bridging Windows to Linux - Run Windows 95 or Windows 98 on the Linux operating system


Upcoming CFPs
Local SARG documentation
sarg Web Server Status


NSI - WHOIS Lookup
go Google!
xrefer it!
ask Jeeves
search Altavista
search Britannica
search Delphion for patents!
FAST Search
jGuru this!
Raging Search
Northern Light Search
AltaVista Advanced Search
MultiText GCL <--> AltaVista Gateway
AltaVista Canada Search
[fm] welcome to
Electric Library Personal Edition



Summary of Control Flow Statements
The Java Apache Project
GNU and Java - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Java server benchmarks
Refactoring Home Page
Java look and feel Graphics Repository
javax.servlet API
Java2 Platform, v1.2.2 API
Java API for XML Parsing
Java Internal API for XML Parsing
The Java Tutorial
Rhino - JavaScript for Java

Apache Today
The Register homepage
AnandTech Chips - Technology Business News, Analysis, and Research
Linuxcare, Inc.
Translate English to French
DevShed - The Open Source Web Development Site
TeX and LaTeX Documentation
LaTeX Documentation
The Quotations Page
Statistics Canada: Canadian Statistics: The People: Population
CIA -- The World Factbook 1999
Welcome to How Stuff Works!


The Biggest Online Text Dictionary on the Web
Merriam-Webster OnLine - Dictionary - Thesaurus - Word of the Day - Word Games - Word for the Wise
OneLook® Dictionaries
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Libraries & Bibliographies

ACM Digital Library: About
IEEE Computer Society - Search
Research-It! - Your one-stop reference desk
Usenix Publications
Ryerson Polytechnic University Library
CS Bibliography
Collection of CS Bibliographies
GCL BibTeX search
BibTeX search (simple)
Encyclopedia Britannica


CMC, Climate and Water Information
CRB Home Page
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National Weather Service Raleigh, NC
Canadian Weather
US Weather Model
US Weather Satellite Info


Major Cities Across Canada - Census Maps
MapQuest : Canada Address Search
Microsoft TerraServer Search Page
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U.S. Gazetteer

Four11 E-Mail Directory
NOW On / Film Times and Reviews
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City of Toronto: The Toronto Transit Commission -- TTC
Toronto Transit Commission
LEO - Link Everything Online
Conference Abstracts
Conference Proceedings - High-Performance Computing
IEEE Computer Society
Periodic Table of the Elements
The Tree of Life Home Page
New Scientist - News, jobs and more from the leading weekly science magazine


How to RTFM
TriUniversity Group - Electronic Thesis Project
Wired Online: Brain Tennis
NewCROP Search Engine
SHAREWARE.COM -- the way to find shareware on the Internet - Home Page
The Economist
Scientific American
SOAR -- Searchable Online Archive of Recipes


Prog Languages


C--: a portable assembly language

Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection Survey and Java Garbage Collector.
GC FAQ -- draft
Gorik's Garbage Collection Page
The Memory Management Reference
Richard Jones' Garbage Collection Page

Miscellaneous Compilers

Copernican Solutions Incorporated/Kawa Project
Standard ML: The ML Kit (1989-1997)
Advanced Compiler Design and Implementation

Code Generation / Architecture

Pentium® Processors-Manuals
Digital UNIX V3.0 Documentation
Alpha Compiler Cookbook
ASPLOS-VII home page
Welcome To SPEC
Code-Generation Notes
The Stanford SUIF Compiler Group
Shade, Sun Microelectronics
MageLang Institute: jGuru ANTLR Rack
LCC-Win32: a compiler system for Windows 95 - NT by Jacob Navia
Flick: The Flexible IDL Compiler Kit
AnaGram: LALR Parser Generator for Syntax Directed Parsing

Modern Compiler Implementation in C
Directory of /ai-publications
cps2c 1.1
Andrew K. Wright's Home Page
OOPS Research Group
No Title
Welcome to CFI
the works
Compiler Internet Resources
Welcome to the Loyola University Chicago mirror of the Pizza Compiler Site!
Index of /~bmd/PrologInJava
Cecil paper: "Frameworks for Intra- and Interprocedural Dataflow Analysis"
AW * Wirth * Compiler Construction *
Index of /develop/lisp/common/docs/
CS236319 - Programming Language Concepts - Home Page
ACM Lisp Pointers 4, 2 (Apr/Jun 1991), 3-15.
C. Queinnec's pedagogical work
Papers by Henk Barendregt
High Performance Functional Computing (HPFC) 1995
CS 345 (Wilson)---Class Page


Siskind's Challenge Benchmarks
Benchmarks Page
Scheme benchmarks


Lisp as an Alternative to Java
Kawa paper (Usenix 1998)
Revised(5) Scheme - Table of Contents
Revised(4) Scheme - Table of Contents
Welcome to!
The DrSchemeJr Home Page
SCM home page
(Yet Another) Scheme home page
Kawa, the Java-based Scheme system - Table of Contents
The Church Project: <br> Compiling with Flow Types
An Introduction to Scheme and its Implementation - Table of Contents
The Scheme Programming Language
LISP History
P. Tucker Withington
An Introduction to Scheme and its Implementation - Table of Contents


Persimmon MLJ 0.1
Standard ML of New Jersey
Caml Light for PalmOS
Standard ML of New Jersey
The Caml language
Harlequin MLWorks
OCaml Link Database
OCAML - sources and useful development scripts - free for download!
Objective Caml
The Caml Hump
Caml Light for PalmOS : installation instructions
Caml Special Light manual
SML/E Home Page
Harlequin SML Competition Results


JavaRanch Big Moose Saloon - powered by the Ultimate Bulletin Board
Java Performance Tuning
Java Technology Home Page
KAFFE - A virtual machine to run Java(tm)* code
Kaffe the free Java Virtual Machine
Welcome to the Harissa home-page
Some Announced WWW Sites: java.www.sites
Porting C++ to Java: Index
The Java Language Specification
The Java Language Specification LALR(1) Grammar
The Java Language Specification
Writing Java Programs
Arizona Computer Science: Sumatra Project


egcs project home page
C++ Critique 3rd Ed. (Oct.96) - Download Page and latest news

The Catalog of Compiler Construction Tools
The Hoard Multiprocessor Memory Allocator:
C-- Home
The Memory Management Reference
I.E.C.C.: Home Page
The comp.compilers newsgroup
Resources for Programming Language Research
CORBA for Beginners
Secure Internet Programming: Secure Internet Programming Laboratory
Inter-Language Unification -- ILU
alphaWorks - Home of the latest technologies from IBM Research.
StrongARM Microprocessors: Designers' Corner
introduction to smalltalk
The WWW Virtual Library: Computing, Programming Languages
SEL-HPC Functional Programming Archive
ARL Releases Squeak
CREATE Squeak Smalltalk Page
The Decompilation Page
Rice University Computer Science Department
Dr. John Ophel- profile
The Massively Scalar Compiler Group at Rice University
Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreteers: introduction
The FISh Homepage
compiler white papers, faq's, overviews free electronic design internet resources
compiler internet resources
compiler buyers' guide
SoftQuad Inc.
The Elegant Homepage
Erlang Systems, Ericsson Software Technology
Alonzo Church (1903-1995): A Short Biography
Compiler Jobs
Self Home Page
The Clarity Home Page
TenDRA Home Page
Snake Island Research Inc
Papers from CSlab and on Erlang
Octave -- a high-level language for numerical computations
Why are Black Boxes so Hard to Reuse?
Languages for the Java VM

Software Eng

DBLP: Johnette Hassell
UT-DCS: Marsha Chechik
Paper Access for Gregg Rothermel
Home Page -- Gregg Rothermel
Home Page -- Mary Jean Harrold
Trans. SE: Table of Contents: July 1996
Journal of the ACM Bibliography
stc default
RAC Journal, Volume 5, No. 1, First Quarter 1997
TTN On-Line 12/95
Volume 4, Number 2, Second Quarter 1996
Reliability Analysis Center
RST - Reliable Software Technologies
MultiText GCL <--> AltaVista Gateway (results)
MultiText GCL <--> AltaVista Gateway (results)
FASE - Forum for Advancing Software engineering Education
Welcome to ISO Online (graphics)
Robust Embedded Systems: Books & Standards
AltaVista: Simple Query MIL-HDBK-217
RST - c.s.t. FAQ Page
WISE - Reliability Requirements
Index of /specs/mil_std/
SEI Rate Monotonic Analysis
ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM)
KANER.COM. Software testing. Software quality. Testing Computer Software.
Software Architecture
Reliability Assessment Methodology for Electronic Systems
Selected Software Architecture Papers
Michael Lyu's Papers
AltaVista: Simple Query +Software +Engineering +Programming +Languages


Bell Labs: Bell Labs Unveils Open Source Release of Plan 9(TM) Operating System
plan 9 download1


Linux PCMCIA Information
Linux Printing
Linux Professional Institute - Home Page
Linux iso images of RedHat, ...


Peanut Linux is a FREE Premium LINUX Operating System.
Debian GNU/Linux -- The Universal Operating System
SuSE, Inc. - The Linux Experts
Welcome to the Corel LINUX Community
UniX11 Software Development Corporation
Red Hat Advanced Development Laboratories
Caldera Main Page Test
Red Hat Software, Inc.


Wide Open News
Linux News
LinuxPlanet - Reviews - Palm and Linux: Making the Connection - Connecting with Pilot-Link
Linux Weekly News
Linux Journal


Linux Source Navigator
Linux Administrators Security Guide (LASG)
Info on Linux
Linux Standard Base
Linux Knowledge Base
The Linux Documentation Project Homepage
The Linux Documentation Project: Homepage
Linux Myth Dispeller

X Environments

GNOME Project
The K Desktop Environment

Special Hardware

Wekosoft - Xircom PCMCIA driver - Linux - home page
Linux/Microcontroller Home Page - Updated 5 Jul 1999 - Home page 27 Jul 1999
Linux PPPoE Solutions
Linux on the HP Omnibook 800
The AlphaLinux Homepage
Linux/Alpha: Hot Sites
Linux/Alpha Home Page
The Linux/m68k Home Pages
The Linux Laptop Home Page
ARM Linux
Linux/Microcontroller Home Page

The Linux Programmer's BouncePoint
Unix Unanimous Meeting Date
Linux Applications and Utilities Page (v.1/27)
Michael Holve - The Epson Color Stylus and Linux
UNIX MIDI Plugin for Netscape
Xunil Computing Main Page
Linux Systems Labs
ASL Home Page
DCG Computers, Inc.
Linux Links by Goob
Basic Linux Training - Main Index Page
Linux Remote-Boot mini-HOWTO
Linux Archive Search
Info on Linux
Linux HomeBoy WebPage
Linux Mobile-IP Home Page
Directory of /pub/freeware/linux/update.linux
Linux Enterprise Comupting
The CLUE Linux Centre
Linuxberg World Wide Affiliate Site Locations!
CNN - Upcoming Linux versions aim for Windows' ease of use - April 22, 1999
CNN - Opinion: Linux doesn't do Windows - and neither should you - April 28, 1999
Linux Center: Office applications
Linux Performance Tuning Pages
LinuxCAD from Software Forge Inc. is the best CAD for Linux
Linuxconf project

Microsoft Windows

Citrix Free Downloads
Is NT paranoid or is Unix out to get it? - NC World - May 1998
Microshaft Corporation Home Page; Welcome to Microshaft
Microshaft Corporation Home Page; Welcome to Microshaft
Mike's Micro$oft Hate Page
ICQ - World's Largest Internet Online Communication Network
What is SMB?
Microsoft Technical Support--Advanced Support Options
Etherboot home page
<B>Netboot</B> Mailing List (by thread)
Windows 95 server-based setup (old version)
Windows95 Annoyances
Boycott Microsoft
Microsoft Windows Family
Generating Cluster Workstation Remote Boot files for Windows 95
Cygnus Solutions
Eric's remote boot page
How to RPL (Boot ROM) Windows 95
NTRIGUE on the Web - Obtaining Net Clients
Remoteboot and Windows 95
Windows NT Tips, Tricks and Registry Hacks. JSI, Inc is your Windows NT Resource


BSVC - A Microprocessor Simulation Framework

Project SilkOS

File Systems

SAMBA Web Pages
Ext2fs Home Page


Utah Flux Java Projects
The OSKit
Itsy Pocket Computing Project
Welcome to NetAction
Unix Guru Universe
The Globe Project
OAR Home Page
JOS - A Free Java based Operating System
Recursive Make Considered Harmful
Review of Operating Systems
Symbolics Technology, Inc.
Patrick Bridges's Home Page
Sven's Homepage
KeyKOS Home Page


Computer Science Technical Reports Archive Sites
Research Centres and Units, City University
Warm-up Project Overview
Collaborative Research Kit Template
ACM Student Poster
Freed software licences
Dissertation Advice


Jo Atlee's Home Page
Charlie Clarke's Home Page
G. V. Cormack (
Michael Lyu's Home Page
Dick Hamlet

Directory of /pub/incoming/cspress
Guidelines for Generating and Submitting Portable Postscript Files
15th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles Home Page
AS 2000
IWSSD8 - 1996
ECBS '97: Abstracts
Program Analysis for Software Tools and Engineering (PASTE)
International Conference on Functional Programming 1998: Information
International Software Quality Week Conference/Europe (QWE'98)
International Software Quality Week Conference
ISSRE '96: Table of Contents
HASE '97: Abstracts:
HASE '97: Abstracts:
SRI (Quality Week)
ICSE 99 Call For Papers
ICSE-18 '96
ML Workshop'98 CFP - July 10
ICFP Programming Contest - Aug 27

Programming Languages

CFP Domain Specific Languages
PLDI'98 Information
The International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP)
ICFP'98 Scheme Workshop
Upcoming Compiler and Parallel Computing Conferences
Home Page for ISMM '98

Software Engineering/Reliability

TTN On-Line 8/95
Dick Hamlet
Centre for Software Reliability
Testing Software
Software Productivity Consortium
ISSTA98 CFP - '99 ~July 30
SIGSOFT '98: Sixth International Conference on the Foundations of Software Engineering
hase98 - June 15
New Faculty Members
ISSTA 98 Information
The Annual R&M Symposium (RAMS)
ICSM 98, Fall 1998, Metropolitan Washington, D.C., USA
Testing Computer Software Conference and Exhibition
International Software Quality Week
SRE98 Workshop
Conference on Software Engineering, Education and Training

CS Education



ACM SIG Proceedings
ACM Approved SIG Conferences by SIG


USENIX - Third Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI '99)
Mathematics of Program Construction 1998


Google Search: interval-arithmetic probability-distribution
Applying Interval Arithmetic to Real, Integer and Boolean Constraints
Interval Computations
Interval Arithmetic Basics
Generalized Interval Arithmetic M.Sc. Thesis


Welcome to NSERC
Computing Research Association
Ontario: Challenge Fund.
Canada Council Introduction
1998 Research Grants Competition Results

Zephyr Abstract Syntax Description Language (ASDL)
[fm] systems software research is irrelevant
Java Spec Report
Abstract State Machines
The Graph Visualization System daVinci
GiL - Table of Contents
VCG Overview
Linux pre-installation checklist


Course Server Softwares for Online Teaching
The Technology Source
ChemDex - directory of chemistry on the WWW
ACM Programming Contest
Welcome to the University of Technology Sydney Virtual Open Day
Harcourt Brace College Publishers
Science Access Project
Research Paper: Ten Years of Internet Teaching
CS Education as an Academic Field
courseware selection 1998
News Item: CSTB Project: "What Everyone Should Know About Information Technology"
Hope Today Front Page
WSU Instructional Technology Home Page
Korea National Open University
CET: Vision
technology bibliography
Office of Learning Technologies/ Bureau des technologies d'apprentissage
Andrew Doherty's Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) Pages
TeleCampus International Course Database
EdTech WebRing HomePage
Instructional Technology Programs
Grade 12 English at Viscount Bennett
C&M NetMath at University of Illinois
Language Teaching Software from Creative Education Resources


Ryerson Laptop Adoption Policy Committee
School of Computer Science - Alumni
Course Management Committee
Denise Woit
Women In Computer Science at Ryerson Polytechnic University
School of Computer Science
Office of Research Services
Registrar - Faculty Session Sign-on
Ryerson Polytechnic University
Work-Study Program
ORS - SRC Guide
School Of Graduate Studies
Computing Communications Services
Ryerson Review of Journalism


Jesus Dress Up!
Critical Tools Home Page
Writing HTML
The Web Page from Hell
2Wire Bandwidth Meter
The Public DNS Service
The Public DNS Service
Webgrrls International
DomainNameBuyersGuide: Unbiased advice on choosing a Domain Name Registrar
Welcome to CAUCE
Midgard - Application Server Suite
Students' Frustrations with a Web-Based Distance Education Course
Blackboard - Bringing Education Online
Internet Dating Guide
Soul Mate Profile
Domain Name Auctions Index s
Effective Sites for Learning
tfl database search query form
Web Resource List
Gullibility Virus
WordNet Home Page
Welcome to IT7220
WebNet Conference
Educational Technology at UO
JavaScript Reference
DevEdge Online - Technical Manuals
Frequently Asked Questions - JavaScript
Cover page for the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
Web Based Instruction Resources
WebCT - World Wide Web Course Tools
English Technical Writing University of Waterloo
New Zealand Digital Library
Welcome to the Millennium Project
the NODE: networking current issue (july 1998)
Telementoring Resources & WWW Links
MMM Browser Home Page
Using HTML templates in Web Applications: CHTML
WWW6 Hyperproceedings Table of Contents - online training
Faculty of Applied Science
SNOW: Special Needs Opportunity Windows
SNOW Best Practices: Review of On-line Courses
The WDVL: What is a Webmaster?
Support Connection Knowledgebase
TéléÉducation NB TeleEducation
The "No Significant Difference" Phenomenon
David R. Woolley
Computer Conferencing on the Web (Discussion Forums and Groupware)
Bobby's analysis of: Dave Mason, Personal View
Bobby's analysis of: Dave Mason, Personal View
Validation Service
An Introduction to BRL
meta tag - PC Webopaedia Definition and Links
Web Physics
Matt's Script Archive
AAHE Summer Institute
Media Prosperity '98
Frank Beacham
BRAVENET.COM -Guestbook, Email Form Processor, Forum Server-
Announcing HyperHelp 4.1
Campus WorkLink
HTML Hell Page
Organic Mathematics: the Proceedings
HTML to LaTeX - with WWA modifications
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
Digital Product Information, Document Index
The Single-Pixel GIF
Crashing IE4.0.1 - the third part of the trilogy
EveryWare Development Inc.
FAL Weblint Gateway v3.0b3
12 Web Page Design Decisions for Businesses and Organizations
Brian Butler's Personal Home Page
JavaScript (In)Compatibility
Wilbur - HTML 3.2
What HTML Help is all about
IAT Infobits
HTTP Cookie Info
Toronto 1997 STC Presentation (McMurrey)
Bill's Library
Web-Based Distance Education
Communicating Mathematical Expressions on the WWW
Ee.3.59: The Life of King Edward the Confessor
The Fudgets Thesis on WWW
Project Workshop
1996 Canadian Internet Award Winners
Canadian Network for New Media Learning
Language Teaching Software from Creative Education Resources
A Guide to URLs
ASSC: Technical Writing Courses On-line
OSC webED: Web-Based Education LINKS
Jan Whitaker's Bookmarks
RealNetworks, The Home of RealAudio, RealVideo and RealFlash
Download RealPlayer Plus
Real Education
The CAR/CARR Links
Scientific American
Why the web sucks II
The WDVL: META Tagging for Search Engines
Tasty Bits from the Technology Front
Trellix - The Document Builder For The Web Era
Web Based Instruction
Web Master Page
Writing for the Web (Alertbox March 15, 1997)
Vivo Software, Inc - Home Page
Vosaic Corp. Home Page
HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Overview
HTTP: A protocol for networked information
Introducing HTML 3.2
PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Home Page
VTR to Cyberspace: Jefferson, Gramsci & the Electronic Commons
WebCompare Server Features Comparison (sm) - The Webmaster's Reference Library
WebTechs Validation Service
WebTechs HTML Repository
The Willcam Group - Comprehensive HTML Cross Reference
Matt's Script Archive: Free For All Links
The Somerville House Books Limited Order Form
From LaTeX to HTML and Back
2L670: Hypermedia Structures and Systems
2L670: Hypermedia Structures and Systems


Web Communications - Account Temporarily Unavailable
Sun Software Support & Education
CERT Coordination Center
SSH Communications Security, Ltd.
CERT Coordination Center
L0pht Heavy Industries
Exploit world
antivirus online: white papers
CIAC Internet Hoaxes

Hardware Distributers

High Performance Computing Solutions
Microway's Alpha Specials
Micron Technology - memory - Module Specifications
Dell Computer - Laptop, Desktop, Workstation, Server
VA Linux Systems
APC - American Power Conversion - UPS
Hardware Fundamentals Start Page
Comspec, Toronto Ontario Canada - Computer Value Added Reseller
Metro Link Home Page
Welcome to Xi Graphics, Inc., home of Accelerated-X
PC Factory Direct
Beamscope Canada
3Com | Home Page
Welcome to EMJ Data Systems Ltd.
Compaq Canada - Compaq Canada Inc.
Ingram Micro Inc. (Canada)
Merisel Canada - Home Page - April 1998
Welcome to Tech Data - The Computer Reseller's Source
Supercom of California Ltd. - Canadian Offices


PFU AMERICA Index -- Home Page
Welcome to Compaq Canada
Ace's Hardware
Handspring: Software Links
Welcome to MicroDesign Resources
Linux Ethercard Setup Utilities
Linux on the PCG-C1X
CPU Info Center
The Handy Board
Intel Motherboard BIOS Upgrades
PR440FX Motherboard Site
PR440FX motherboard Support
PR440FX Dual Pentium® Pro processor modified ATX Motherboard
Duane's Homepage : Intel P6 Series


The HEVEA Home page - CTAN Search
Directory of /ctan


All About GIF89a
The G Zone
gd 1.2

X Windows

Installation instructions for the KDE Desktop Environment
Directory of /pub/GNOME/extra-src
Linux Center: Window Managers
rxvt - a colour terminal program
Window Managers for X
Scheme-Configurable Window Manager

Palm Pilot

PalmCentral.Com: Ray's PalmCentral Software Archive
PalmPilot Add Ons
EuroCool - Categories
CQ Codeworks
Mary Jo's Pilot Library
EuroCool - Palm Pilot
Directory of /pub/PalmOS
Pilot Software Development
PalmPilot Development Resources at RoadCoders

Private Document Centre, Home
Berlin -- Home
e-smith: easy-to-install, easy-to-use Linux-based Internet servers
Directory of /pub/text/sgml/misc
Directory of /INRIA/Projects/cristal/Francois.Rouaix/mmm
Directory of /pub/lang/dcc
Topic: lang/lisp/gui/
FAQ Engine:
Index of /~lippmann/cweb2html
Tools Interface Standards
Communicator's Command Line Options
ras - redundant archive system
International Ispell
dwpark's home
Axel Reinhold - /ARX cleanware - mc MacroCALC Spreadsheet
Hotlist from World Wide Web
TN-Image Description of tnimage Image Analysis Software
MicroEMACS / uemacs Text Editor - Binaries, Executables, Manuals, and Documentation
Will Hill's Home Page
The Cathedral and the Bazaar
CVS Access to
Elliott Hughes
GLOBAL common tag system
Wotsit's File Format Collection
Postscript Index
Lispers Anonymous - Home page for proposals for the implementation of a Lisp Environment
Welcome to the ICGnu Project
Digital UDB Information
Other Online Info
XHTML, Overview
"I sell liquor to minors."
David Jeske's VSTa Software Page
Emacs code by Stephen Eglen
The home page of Matt Welsh
Faces Archive
Index of CPU Info
V - A Freeware Portable C++ GUI Framework for Windows and X
The Minibase Home Page
Shaun Flisakowski
Printer Compatibility
SimpleScalar Tools Home Page
WebMagick Image Web Generator
Cygnus Solutions: Development Tools for Embedded Systems
HomeSite for Windows 95
The Dying Rooms Trust - Homepage
Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present
Dictionary Info
Internet Software Consortium DHCP Server
GNOME Project
Welcome to Avatar Peripherals
Comparisons of Tcl with other systems
Imation SuperDisk
Interphase Corporation
Internet Software Consortium
Programmer's File Editor Home Page
Apple - Macintosh Application Environment
Waterloo Maple Home Page
XEmacs Beta Testers
Home Page
EQNTOTT-Specific Optimizations
Rich $alz's Home Page
PairGain Web Site: Home Page
pentone - making W95 usable
Pretty Good Privacy, Inc. Home Page
PHP3: PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
Window Managers for X
The Ipe extendible drawing editor
PostgreSQL: Home
Tuareg Mode
Kenton Lee: Work With Your Window Manager
The Single UNIX Specification, Version 2
RScheme One-Pager's
Network Security Roadmap
SGML-Tools homepage
More on SGML
Understanding RAID Technology
Sun Books: Configuration and Capacity Planning for Solaris Servers
SunWorld Online - October - Software Tools
Zack's Page
HTML converters
Tools for WWW providers
GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)
Welcome to Arena
ZMailer homepage
ZMailer homepage
ZMailer manual
ClarisPLUS Web Lead/Quote Generator
gimp news
xxx e-print archive
Koala Project Home Page



CIBC PC Banking Convenience Banking Sign on
EasyWeb customer login Sign in
eBay Sign In
eBay Canada - Books, Maps, Sheet Music, Sports Collectibles, Posters, Videos Buy & Sell Books, Music, Movies, and Games...
edeal Auctions - InterActive classifieds
Homes for Sale in Toronto Area
The Linux Store
Future Shop Canadian Web Store
CIBC Aerogold Advantex Benefit-English

Budget Travel Resources....with a twist
Yahoo! Travel
Yahoo Travel: Make Your Reservations
Scottish Heritage: Scotland and New Scotland (Nova Scotia)
Air Canada - Online Login
Flight Safety Foundation Homepage
Corporate Travel Safety Specializing in Travel Safety Seminars and Products
Airline information on-line on the Internet
Foreign Currency
Avis Rent A Car - Welcome to The Avis Galaxy
VIA Rail Canada
Greyhound Canada - Greyhound Courier Express - The Complete Traveler - The Complete Traveler


Guelph & District Real Estate Board
Guelph - Real_Estate


SJK - Home Page
The Abelard Centre for Education
Canada's SchoolNet
The Montessori Foundation index

Bosley Real Estate - Toronto, Ontario
Our Guides


The Dying Rooms Special Report
Department of Chinese Studies, Stockholm University
Angels Haven Adoption, International Adoption and Sponsorship
Bay Area Adoption Services - China Adoptions
Rainbow Kids - Your Source For International Adoption Information


The Graduate Program Online
Search Staff Positions on
Faculty and Staff Jobs in Higher Education
Acadia University Faculty Association Homepage


Taste of the Danforth Molson Canadian - I Am Canadian
"National Arts Centre"


Bisexual Options Welcome Page
Love Happens! Talk, Chat, Message, and More
The Commitment Debate: Monogamy? Or Monotony? --thrive@passion
The Commitment Debate: Monogamy? Or Monotony? -- thrive@passion
List of lesbian mailing lists
Women- and Gender-Related E-mail Lists/Electronic Forums
Bible REALLY says about Queers
What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality - Index
What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality - Index
Bisexual Gay and Lesbian Association at USC
Forum Home Page
Queer Resources Directory
Legal Age of Consent
The Denver Post Online: Today's News
Mothers & Others Online
Girlfriends Magazine Online
Girlfriends Magazine Online
alt.polyamory home page
delwell @ intrnet
PlanetOut: Land On It.
Lesbian Favirites & Circuit Party Spins
Queer Music Explosion
Queer Music Explosion
Homepage of the Women-Friendly Websites Webring
Radical feminist theory and/or Academia and other topics
TG Symbol
B.C.'s "Holmes-Page"
Come Out With Ellen...
The Unisex Purity Test
Dorsie Hathaway, Writer, List-Wrangler
Help Wanted by Barbara Dozetos
Northern Sun
The Androgyny RAQ (Rarely Asked Questions)
alt.polyamory home page
muskie's bike trip
Helen: Sweetheart of the Internet
Queer Resources Directory
Sexual Orientation
Queer Spirit Festival
theAdvocate INTERNET
Bisexual Hell
The Advocate INTERNET
The Moon Over Jordan
Mary's Place Index.
A page of my own . . .
PlanetOut: Land On It.
Butches' Toolbox
Groovy Annie's Canadyke Pages
The Queer Forum: Queers at Queen's
Gender Shock
Bi Community News
Inside Canadyke Land
QWorld Contents Page
Xena Links Page
The Equality Project!
Coming Out: Realizing bisexuality in a straight world


The Equality Project: Members Section
Ability Cross Disability Magazine


derien's index page
Enlightenment, Love and Liberation, One Breath at a Time
So what do I mean when I call myself poly?
Love List Signup
House Midgard's Page on Polyamory / Polyfidelity


Wild Women Expeditions Your Online Community Bookstore
Status of Women Canada - Condition féminine Canada
Phenomenal Women Of The Web
Celebration of Women in Mathematics Home Page
Colleen's Feminism Site
Misogyny Unlimited
Conference on Women in Technology in Canada the new generation
Victorian Women Writers Project Library
Women's Resources on the Web
Selena Sol: Digital Soul
Women In Technology Directory
Voyager: Guerrilla Girls
PRELUDE PRESS & Peter McWilliams
Cybergrrl Welcomes You!
Women's Wire
Women's Web
SFWA Index
Welcome to Herspace
FilmReview: summer-house
FilmReview: shirley-valentine
FilmReview: truth-or-dare
FilmReview: when-night-is-falling
Resources for Feminist Research


Chris' Amazing Comic Page
King Features Comics - CBC Radio, Tod Maffin, digital radio, interactive radio
Uncommonly Difficult IQ Tests
Head Out On The Highway - My travels with the cryogenically frozen head of Walt Sidney.
Timeline of the Hippie Movement
About Mike
The Fatal flaw of Expression: Neodialectic narrative and dialectic construction
- I Hate Computers! -
Bumper Stickers from Pegasus
The Humour Ring Page
Assorted Humor


Health, Wealth & Happiness: Your health web site
Microwave Madness
Are Microwave Ovens a Source of Danger?
Natural alternative methods of body building
The Rosavin Pages. Information on Rosavin or Arctic Root.
Nutraceuticals World Website
Canadian Intramural Recreation Association
The Canadian Women's Health Network / Le Réseau canadien pour la santé des femmes
Dr. Hulda Clark Feature -- My Journey to Wellness: A Prostate Cancer Story
Alternative HRT
MENOPAUSE ONLINE - Progestins, Progesterone
ProgestaCare: the very best from a natural progesterone cream
Natural Hormone Made Easy
Progesta Care - a natural progesterone cream for menopause, osteoporosis, PMS and Cancer
Natural Progesterone Cream and Women's Health
The Safe and Effective Alternative to Provera: Natural Progesterone by Gail Valentine, DO
Hormones and Natural Alternatives
Ask Dr. Weil - Q&A: Live Young, Forever?
Quality Counts - Body Wise International Independent Distributor
Quackwatch Home Page
How long will you live -- Really?
human growth hormone
Livelong, My Personal Program using Injectable Growth Hormone
Ask Dr. Weil - Q&A: Need Help for a Hurting Hip?
Ask Dr. Weil - Q&A: Best Method to Block Out Sunburn?
The Health Nutrient Bible: The Complete Encyclopedia of Food as Medicine
Health Pages - NC Fertility Clinics
Johnson & Johnson - News
Discovery Health:
Canadian Health Network - Réseau canadien de la santé
Qi Journal: Interactive Acupuncture Chart
The Protein Power Plan Web Site
The Zone Files
Hotflash! - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Dr. Timothy Gorski - Biography and Articles


NDP Election Site
Natural Law Party of Canada - splash page
Welcome to the PC Party of Canada - Bienvenue au Parti PC du Canada -- "All the junk that's fit to debunk"
Fall 2000 Senior Associates Gathering
The CyberNation of Freedom
Web Networks
Foresight Institute
Federation of American Scientists
Wired 8.04: Why the future doesn't need us.
2600 | News Archive
Monitoring Freedom & Human Rights Around The World


KILT Online
TV Themes .WAV Files
Smashing Pumpkins Collection
Dave Mason - the singer
The International Lyrics Server
102.1 The EDGE - Toronto's New Rock
Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art Amsterdam
Year Zero One Online Gallery Guide
Third Sex Rocks
Bruce Cockburn Discography Page
Home Page Kelley Deal 6000
The official Breeders web page

Movies The Official Academy Awards Site
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb).
Gone with the Wind (1939)
Gone With The Wind Ring


Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - Toronto Centre
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - Toronto Centre
Skywatchers Guide
SKY Online - Sky Publishing Corporation
Astrophysical Journal

Job Search | Welcome - your technology career control center
Telecommuting Jobs, Work From Home, Telecommute
Online Career Center - Leading the Employment Evolution
Career Bridge - High Tech Jobs, Careers, Employment in Ottawa, Toronto


The Money Network - Home Page
Financial Companies in Canada
the SCREAMING Capitalist


Welcome!!! ThinkFree
Technocopia - Your Guide to the Technological Lifestyle
IQ Tests on the WWW
Statistical Distribution of Childhood IQ Scores
The Normal Distribution
Equation to the Time-Space Continuum
Strategis: Canada's business information site / site d'informations d'affaires du Canada
Royal Canadian Institute
'97 ACM ECR Programming Contest: Real Contest final standings by school name
Don Knuth's Home Page
Freedomstarr Communications (FCI)
Xerox PARC Map Viewer: world 22.32N 105.50W (8.0X)
TR: July'97: Hazen
Artificial Life and Genetic Algorithms
Well, I'll be Damned
The PADS Repository - Miscellaneous Items
Welcome to Challenge Leuven!</FONT>
Male Pattern Baldness FAQ
Regrowth Inc - Minoxidil Hair Restoration Treatment
Hairloss and Baldness Treatments! Solution to Regrowth of Lost and Thinning Hair!
Hair Loss FAQ
SFF-NET: Science Fiction & Fantasy Network: Author! Author!
Canadian Association of Learned Journals (CALJ)
Directory of /tex-archive
ACM Regional Programming Contest
YMCA of Greater Toronto
1996 TRIO/ITRC Researcher Retreat
Welcome to Parent Soup!
REC's temporary page
Hairloss Information for thinning hair, baldness and alopecia
Re-assessing the Law Review in the Age of Cyberspace
Toronto Links Page
Documents Room: United States
Buy Nothing Day - Related Links
Minimal NT Server/Workstation Differences
Welcome to UVC
Welcome to New Micros Inc
NMI MaxFORTH User Manual
Grade 12 English at Viscount Bennett
Welcome to Spectrum's Virtual Planet!
Lawsuits-and-rampant-consumerism'R'Us (aka Wired Magazine)
ERC32 Home page
Britannica Online Free Trial Program - Step 1
University of the Witwatersrand Computer Science Dept. Home Page
Some COOL Links
Grand Canyon National Park Home Page
The Caffeinated Chef
Replacing: (apparently non-functioning) Salary Calculator Form-State Lookup

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